Emboss Painting on Cloth...

Materials required:
  • Emboss powder
  • Velvet Cloth
  • Oil Paint / Fabric Colors with shimmer
  • Plastic Brush

Method :
  1. Take the velvet Cloth and make sure there are no dust particles on it.
  2. Mix the emboss powder in white paint and carve ur design on it.
  3. Leave to dry.
  4. After it has dried , its time for the effect.
  5. Take a moist piece of cloth.
  6. Keep it on the back side of the velvet cloth and iron it.
  7. The design should rise from the front.
  8. Make sure you iron all the parts of the design .
  9. You may now paint it with oil paint or shimmery  fabric paint.

For Kids ready made kit is also available.
  • Firstly, make four folds of bed sheet on the table.
  • Place the piece of velvet cloth from the back side i.e. Plain side on the bed sheet. Never put printed side above.
  • You are required to apply hot iron on the back side of piece While ironing. 
  • Remove the press when the whole design emboss, now you can use colours  as per your choice.
  • You can apply colour coat again. If your colour is getting hard,then mix 2 to 3 drops of water in it.
  • Use white colour to make the shade light.


  1. can you tell me the mixing proportion of emboss powder and white paint. is the white paint fabric paint?

    1. Hi.....the paint is on a velvet cloth...

  2. Beautiful Painting.
    I also would like to know the proportion of emboss powder with paint and the type of white paint used.